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14 NOVEMBER 2019

On November 14, 2019, Alterna International, strategic partner of Brian Tracy Global, will organise the first international conference of entrepreneurial strategies 3 Eyes of Entrepreneur at the Crystal Hall of the Hyatt Hotel in Belgrade.


If you are:

– an entrepreneur

– you want to become an entrepreneur

– you work with entrepreneurs

Then book your seat at the entrepreneurial strategy conference ‘3 EYES OF ENTREPRENEURS’

The aim of the conference is to initiate inspiration and encourage the entrepreneurial way of thinking and working, transfer valuable experience of all those who have already paid a high price with proven examples from practice, strengthen the position and profitability through networking and business arrangements.

The theme of this year’s conference of entrepreneurial strategies: 3 EYES OF ENTREPRENEUR aims to answer the question: Why does the operational and managerial eye take up over 95% of the time of most entrepreneurs and how to avoid this trap?

1. Entrepreneurial Eye: Looks to the future with the goal of finding the most effective way to achieve the vision of the company.

2. Managerial Eye: Looks to the past to find experiences that can help the company become more effective.

3. Operational Eye: Looks to the present with the goal of completing daily operations in the most efficient way.


Nebojsa Matic
Nebojsa MaticMikroelektronika, founder and director
Sinisa Zarin
Sinisa ZarinThe Manual Co, owner and founder
Tanja Skaza
Tanja SkazaPlastika Skaza, director and partner
Matija Gracin
Matija GracinRimac Automobili, director R&D
Andrew Phillips
Andrew PhillipsBrian Tracy Global, CEO Brian Tracy Global
Edin Mehic
Edin, founder and director
Biljana Jovanovic
Biljana JovanovicFashion Company Luna, owner and director
Branislav Sekulic
Branislav SekulicVrtlari, owner and brand creator
Budimir Jovanovic
Budimir JovanovicKeramika Jovanović, founder and director

Nebojsa Matic
Founder and director

Founded in 2001, MikroElektronika designs and manufactures development systems for microcontrollers. Whether DIY weekend endeavours or professional projects that can bring billions in profits, their tools allow electronics aficionados to fully demonstrate their knowledge and creativity while enjoying work, saving time and energy and for their other passions. They produce one product per day and currently in their portfolio there are over 1,000 products that are exported to 136 countries in the world (with the help of their online store, as well as global network of over 50 distributors). Most of their customers are professional engineers from small and large companies (60%), universities and other educational institutions (20%), and hobbyists (20%).

The whole design, production, sales, distribution, marketing and customer support are carried out under one roof, in a building that looks like it was transported from the Silicon Valley to its location in Batajnicki drum 23. The central position in the building is occupied by two new production lines with state-of-the-art machines. However, the highest value of MikroElektronika is satisfied employees. Currently, they employ 100+ people. They provided themselves with all the benefits of a California startup with a cinema, gym, terrace overlooking a spacious lawn and much more. Good team, great atmosphere, and a strong desire for success encourage them to set standards and bring innovation to the market faster than others.

Sinisa Zarin,
Owner and founder

MANUAL workshop for making leather goods using traditional methods and trade was established in 1985 in Novi Sad. The very name MANUAL and the registration that speaks about what the workshop has been engaged in for more than 34 years suggest that it is the base of old masters, a hothouse for young people, and that it has been defending the honour of old crafts for over three decades. Currently, there are about 150 employees. Manually processed and cut leather using the techniques of old crafts is one of the qualities of this brand. With old tools and craftsmanship, their bags, wallets and belts are created. MANUAL has, in its efforts to become a serious European brand, in addition to its interior, developed a school for sale, packaging, presentation, audio and video advertising, posters, social network performance. Their workshop was certified twice (1995 and 2012) to produce leather goods manually and in a traditional manner and to protect and nurture old and artistic crafts.

Budimir Jovanovic,
Founder and Director

At the beginning of the development and formation of today’s admirable market position, the dominant business activity of the company Keramika Jovanovic was the sale of pantiles and brick products. Thanks to the success of this activity, with a clear vision and efficient development strategy, the company became one of the leading distributors of brick products in the local market in late 1990s.

The company added ceramic tiles to the existing sales range, as well as bathroom equipment. By expanding the range and sales volume each year, the company became the leader in the sale of ceramic tiles of local manufacturers in 2007 and to this day they have not left this position to their competitors.

Over two million square meters of ceramic tiles of local and foreign manufacturers were sold annually in 2008 and 2009, while in 2010, 2011 and 2012 this amount exceeded the figure of 2.5 million square meters. Over the past 5 years, the annual sale has grown to over 3 million square meters.

Today, the company owns the brand of ceramic tiles and bathroom furniture “KERAMIKA JOVANOVIC”, produced for it by well-known local producers.

In 2009, the company developed the brand and in cooperation with companies Toza Markovic from Kikinda and Zorka Keramika from Sabac the production line in their plants was launched.

Biljana Jovanovic,
Owner and Director

Fashion company LUNA was founded in 1990 in Pozarevac. Today, after 30 years of successful business, it is one of the leaders in the textile industry of Serbia and the region. It has developed a stable business system with a technologically equipped production facility that covers the area of ​​3000 m2 and a chain of shops and franchises. Over the past six years, LUNA has tripled the number of its retail facilities across Serbia, while introducing the brand to the markets of Europe. Numerous awards and recognitions speak of great commitment to customers and brand development, but also about the company’s attitude towards employees, based on deep trust and corporate social responsibility.

The company has been recording steady growth both in terms of volume of operations and the number of employees, offering its employees security, regular income and the possibility of continuous development in all areas of work. Supporting employees at the personal and family level is an important value ​​that the company is based on, for which it was awarded, among many other recognitions, by the Ministry of Labour for its attitude and care for employees.

Recognized as an authentic Serbian brand with international reputation, LUNA has twice won the “Best from Serbia” award, as well as many other awards in the country and abroad.

Brian Tracy GLOBAL
Andrew Phillips,
CEO Brian Tracy Global

FocalPoint, world-class programmes, were developed by Brian Tracy, author of 75 books and the world’s leading authority for achievement, over 30 years of extensive research. With over 5 million graduate students, the programmes have shown that they achieve instant, sustainable and long-term results. Their integrated tools, methodology and resources, enable professional development at a high level.

Ib Moller recognized the potential of the programme in 1986 and, together with Brian, founded Brian Tracy International (now Brian Tracy Global).

As the head of international franchising and licensing for Brian Tracy Global and FocalPoint Business Coaching, their business partner and esteemed motivation, sales, leadership and growth expert – Andrew Phillips, aims to help other entrepreneurs around the world achieve their goals and financial independence by establishing their own successful companies.

Branislav Sekulic,
Owner and Brand Creator

Vrtlari is a family company, which was founded a decade ago as a small agricultural holding that was involved in the production of tomatoes and peppers. With many years of experience in traditional fruit and vegetable production, two years ago the company launched a project to expand production and processing of products from their plantations. With quality raw materials and the potential it has, the company hired the best technologists, designers and in two years it reached the level of modern large-capacity facility with excellent recipes. The company’s priority is the concept of traditional production with the goal of producing a healthy product. Products without preservatives and additives are prepared with love and care in controlled conditions, which means that from planting to the final harvesting of fruits and their processing, the company controls the entire cycle of healthy food production. The company was declared the absolute champion in the group of fruits and vegetables products at the International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad in 2017.

The Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications gave the company the “Best from Serbia” award in 2017 for the introduction of new brand.

The company is slowly conquering new markets and finding its place on all shelves. Last year, the company began exporting its products to Canada, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Belgium, and the peak of their success was the first container exported to the USA in April. In collaboration with a distributor in America, their ajvar and tomato juice were added to the stores of several prestigious American retail chains, which is the first time someone from the region achieved that.

In Serbia, their products are sold by Delhaize, in shops: Domaca trgovina, Gomex, Univer, Mercator, PerSu, as well as numerous specialised stores in all major Serbian cities. The company also sells its products online and delivers products to customer’s home address.

Vrtlari developed a network of 15 agricultural holdings that produce raw materials for them, and through which about 300 people from rural areas are employed during the season. That is why, two years ago, the GIZ and Smart Collective declared Vrtlari a social enterprise.
Edin Mehic,
Founder and Director

Founding his first company at the age of 19 as a student at the Faculty of Mathematics in Sarajevo, Edin built his career in the field of technology, consumer Internet and entertainment. He is a serial entrepreneur, proven business director, angel investor and advisor, active motivational speaker and guest lecturer at several international universities. With 20+ years in the development of new technologies and cooperation with Fortune 500 companies, he is passionate about the development and growth of ideas, people and money. He is the founder and co-founder of Kolektiv,,, Ant Colony, Edu720, Networks.

KOLEKTIV was founded in 2001 and has since become a leader in the international recruitment market. Today, the next generation recruitment centre helps clients recruit employees from all over the Balkans, from the Baltic countries, Central and Eastern Europe, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Turkey. In the centre of Europe, the multilingual centre of excellence is a home to accredited experts for finding candidates, expert teams for market research and analysis and award-winning experts for employer brand and employment.

Matija Gracin,

Rimac Automobili is a Croatian company for the production of premium electric vehicles established in 2009. Rimac Automobili developed and introduced the Concept_One, electric car concept which later went into production. It was first presented to the world public in 2011 at the world’s largest car show Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung in Frankfurt.

Matija is one of the first employees in Rimac Automobili. He runs a multidisciplinary team of 200 engineers. For the last six years he has been managing a growing team for the research and development of hardware and software that has developed more than 10 state-of-the-art components and has been leading the entire life cycle of product, manufacturing and developing most software for 10 electric vehicles, of which 2 have reached the serial production stage (including full power and battery control).

The founder of Rimac Automobili is Mate Rimac, who turned his old BMW E30 into a racing electric car.

The first Concept_One car was delivered in January 2013 to the Spanish buyer, Applus+ IDIADA. The car was completed in four months, while the price is unknown.

Tanja Skaza
Director and Partner

Tanja Skaza
Tanja SkazaPlastika Skaza, direktor i partner

Tanja Skaza is a successful entrepreneur and director of a family company with over 300 employees, which has been operating for 40 years in line with the highest EU standards in the field of quality, safety at work and process management in the global market. According to the list published by the London Stock Exchange (LSE), which includes companies from all 28 EU member states, Skaza is on the prestigious list of 1000 companies that inspire Europe.

In cooperation with major international corporations, they create innovations in the field of advanced, environmentally friendly plastic materials and technologies, maintain close partnerships with leading European and global manufacturers in the field of furniture, electronics, automotive industry and home appliances. Products and components produced by Skaza can be found in more than 5 million households worldwide! In just 5 years, their products have been selected by more than a million users in various international markets.

PANEL DISCUSSION: When do entrepreneurs open their eyes?

Is our region a suitable setting for creating an entrepreneurial business?

The entrepreneurial concept of thinking can be developed at any period in life: during primary or secondary school, studying, working in a company or association, in an entrepreneurial incubator or through inspiration received from entrepreneurs. It is never too late. It is never too early.

The purpose of the panel discussion is to point out that organisation, informal education and skills strengthening help in achieving business results in the future, whether this concerns the founder, entrepreneur or company employee.

Ivana Popovic
Ivana PopovicStartap Kidz, co-founder
Svetlana Kisic
Svetlana KisicJunior Achievment, Chairman of the Managing Board
Milan Okanovic
Milan OkanovicAssistant Professor at the Department of Marketing Management and Public Relations of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences
Sanja Popović Pantic
Sanja Popović PanticAssociation of Business Women in Serbia, president
Kosta Andric
Kosta AndricICT Hub, Partner and Executive Director
Zoran Stanojević
Zoran StanojevićPanel discussion moderator

Association of Business Women in Serbia,
Sanja Popovic Pantic,

The Association of Business Women of Serbia has been active for 21 years. It provides support, education and networking of business women in Serbia.

During this time, the Association has implemented 140 projects, 4900 women have completed various education programmes for starting their business, it gained 900 members from all over Serbia and 124 women were encouraged to make further success by presenting the “Success Flower for Dragon Lady” award for their work. The long-lasting and dedicated work of its members has led to the fact that female entrepreneurship is recognized as an economic and not a social category because, through a wide range of activities of the Association of Business Women in Serbia, the contribution of women entrepreneurs to the Serbian economy has become visible.

Dr Sanja Popovic Pantic has been the President of the Association of Business Women in Serbia for 21 years.

ICT Hub,
Kosta Andric,
Partner and Executive Director

ICT Hub is a centre for technology entrepreneurship and innovation. Founded in 2014, ICT Hub very quickly positioned itself as an ecosystem that connects all participants in the innovation process – individuals, teams, companies, experts and institutions, by providing them with education, inspiration, help in detecting innovation needs, strategy changes, and support in their implementation.

For companies, ICT Hub is a partner, consultant and resource that helps them become more innovative, apply tools and methods used by technology startups, and thus ensure their relevance in the future. In Serbia and the region, it cooperates with the most relevant companies coming from a wide range of industries. It provides its corporate clients with strategic consulting services in the field of leadership support and strategic approach to innovation, the improvement of organizational design and culture that supports innovation, and the introduction of innovative practices through tools and processes based on the principles of “startup way”.

It is the founder of the first local investment fund – ICT Hub Venture (worth 1 million euros), which invests in technology startups at the earliest stage of their development. It was founded in 2017 with a mission to invest in 20 domestic technology startups with the highest potential.

In 2017, the Centre opened the Playground, one of the largest co-working spaces in this part of Europe, which is used by about 100 freelancers, entrepreneurs and IT professionals every day, and where 15-20 events are organized each month.

Junior Achievement in Serbia,
Svetlana Kisic,
Chairman and Managing Board

Junior Achievement in Serbia organisation is part of the global Junior Achievement Worldwide network founded in 1919, which encompasses 123 countries in all continents and represents the world’s largest entrepreneurship education programme which is annually attended by more than 10 million students.

The implementation of this program in Serbia began in 2005 when the organization Junior Achievement was established. Since then, more than 80,000 students from 270 primary and secondary schools throughout Serbia have completed education programmes in the field of entrepreneurship and financial literacy. Through theoretical and practical lessons, mentoring program, as well as a number of competitions and fairs, these students had the opportunity to learn the principles of business and at the same receive encouragement to devise and develop their entrepreneurial ventures.

Implementation of the programme is carried out with the help of teachers trained through seminars certified by the Ministry of Education and the business sector which is able to actively participate in the process of education of young people through mentoring, lectures and participation in competitions. Implementation of programmes all over the world, as well as in Serbia, is financially supported precisely by the business sector.

Entrepreneurial education programmes in Serbia are free for both students and teachers, and they take place throughout the year. In addition to theoretical lessons conducted with the help of specially designed textbooks, computer programs and simulations verified by the global organization Junior Achievement, between 15 and 20 competitions and fairs are organised for Serbian students during one year with local, national and international background.

The most famous programme of Junior Achievement is the Student Company, which was declared the best form for learning about entrepreneurship for secondary school students by the European Commission.

Startup Kidz,
Ivana Popovic,

One year ago, four moms launched an innovative entrepreneurship programme for children under the Bizworld license and methodology, one of the world’s largest entrepreneurship skill development movements. First of all, because they are parents themselves, these mums wanted to help their children think differently in relation to the choices available to them today.

The school system prepares children for adapting to any collective in order to reach good and safe jobs as adults. Is the “system” the key word through which we want to ensure the future of our children? Every child has a different talent and can develop his/her own inclination towards something that interests his/her. We believe that the world is sufficiently diverse and large, and that in the adult world there is plenty of room for every decision and new idea. We inspire children to choose their own team instead of fitting in with someone else’s ideas and businesses, because why should your child be part of a system when he/she can set up his/her own system?

The Startup Kids programme takes place in the ICT Hub and it lasts two and a half months. Together with licensed educators and guests from the world of business, kids go through the entire entrepreneurial cycle, from the establishment of a company, finances, production, design and marketing, to sales.

Milan Okanovic,
Assistant Professor at the Department of Marketing Management and Public Relations of the Faculty of Organizational Science

Dr Milan Okanovic has been engaged in research and development in the field of entrepreneurship for the past seven years and he wrote a dissertation on the role of marketing orientation in the development of technological startups. He is oriented towards the development of the startup community among the student population, through the development of programmes and mentoring student startup ideas. He is engaged as a mentor within organizations engaged in the development of youth careers: Research and Development Centre of the Faculty of Organisational Sciences in Belgrade (FON) and Case Study Club of FON. He headed several projects in the field of innovation, technology and management: FCA Innovation Award for Millennials, TechChallenge, CaseHackathon, Industry-based startup development. Since 2014, he has been a member of the Executive Committee of the global business case study competition, the Belgrade Business International Case Competition (BBICC). He is currently focused on researching and developing new services for analysing digital content on social networks.

Zoran Stanojevic,
Panel discussion moderator

Zoran Stanojevic began his journalistic career when he was 16, drawing comics and writing rock music articles for the Youth magazine (NON). He was an editor and reporter, and he still contributes articles for the weekly news magazine “Vreme”, he worked as a local producer and reporter for NBC News, MSNBC.COM, and BBC World Service.

Starting from November 2006 he serves as a journalist and editor at Radio Television Serbia (RTS).

He edited and anchored current affairs TV show “Oko”,  late morning show “Tako Stoje Stvari”, newscast “Dnevnik u 23”, political debate “Rec na Rec”. He is the main editor at the RTS Internet portal.  In addition, he moderated debates at the presidential elections in 2008 and 2012. He received the Editor of the Year Award “Dimitrije Davidovic” in 2009 by the Journalists Association of Serbia.

Mr. Stanojevic is an internationally recognized media and public speech consultant, well known for hosting political debates and panel discussions.



Welcome Speech
Branislav Sekulic, Owner and Brand Creator Vrtlari
Biljana Jovanovic, Owner and Director Fashion Company Luna
Andrew Phillips, CEO Brian Tracy Global
Coffee break
Edin Mehic, Founder and Director
Nebojsa Matic, Founder and Director Mikroelektronika
Matija Gracin, Director Rimac Automobili
Lunch break
Tanja Skaza, Director and Partner Plastika Skaza
Sinisa Zarin, Owner and Founder The Manual Co
Budimir Jovanović, Founder and Director Keramika Jovanovic
Coffee break
Ivana Popovic, Co-founder Startap Kidz
Svetlana Kisic, Chairman of the Managing Board
Junior Achievement in Serbia
Milan Okanovic, Assistant Professor at the Department of Marketing Management and Public Relations of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences
Sanja Popovic Pantic, President of Association of Business Women in Serbia
Kosta Andric, Partner and Executive Director
Zoran Stanojevic, moderator
Closing Speech

14 November 2019

The gala dinner, which will be attended by a large number of guests, including businessmen, managers, and representatives of the media and diplomatic corps, will begin at 8 p.m. This is a unique opportunity to connect with potential business partners and start to realize business ventures.



Welcome Speech
Gala dinner/Networking


Below are individual options and packages

170 EUR + VAT
170 EUR + VAT
240 EUR + VAT
260 EUR + VAT
300 EUR + VAT

Registration fee is calculated according to the middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia on the day of issuing the pro forma invoice.

The registration fee for the conference and training includes: working materials, coffee breaks and lunch.

Payment method:


Payments can be made to the account: 275-0010226820792-85 via bank transfer, business cards (Visa, Master) or directly at the Alterna International training centre at Jurija Gagarina 28, Belgrade.

For all additional training and registration information, please contact us at

+ 381 11 42 81 402
+ 381 62 278 187
+ 381 60 0 333 108


Special offer of the Hyatt Hotel for accommodation of conference and training participants, book on time!

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