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KEY is an innovative concept of training aimed at increasing the efficiency of acquiring knowledge and memorizing content in order to fully advance business results and quality of life..

The educational platform is composed of 3 components:

  1. KEY Learning
  2. KEY Kit
  3. KEY Training or Mentoring


KEY Learning is a set of specially designed electronic learning tools in the form of online learning portal. It serves as a foundation for individual learning, before or after attending direct training (KEY Training or Mentoring).

KEY Learning is an innovative learning concept based on memorizing key words through the simultaneous activation of three different techniques:

  1. Auditory
  2. Visual
  3. Interactive


Specially designed and branded set of training materials and accessories packed in a luxuriously printed box. As part of the KEY program, lessons can be adapted to any educational content or topic.

KEY Kit is a luxuriously printed box in vacuum packaging that contains:

  1. Licensed learning materials
  2. Educational accessories (set)


Direct contact with participants through lectures and interactive workshops in groups or one-on-one depending on whether it is group or individual training.

KEY Training or Mentoring can be held before, during and/or after online learning. It usually lasts one business day but it can also last more or less than one day, depending on the needs of clients. The most frequent forms in practice are:

  1. KEY Training – company use of KEY program for groups
  2. KEY Mentoring – individual use of KEY program
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